2.0LPF (0.53GPF) UHET get launched

ZOTRAN full range sanitaryware have just launched. The most featured product is the 2.0L (0.53gallon) Ultra High Efficiency Toilet. The major difference between zotran innovative toilet and standard siphon/flushing toilet is the flushing mechanism system . By integrated innovative mechanism, ZOTRAN UHET only cost 2.0L water per flush, it saves 50% ~ 60% than current HET in the market. 
Count Zotran in, you will see the saving in coming bill.

The Innovative Patent Technology

ZOTRAN is the revolutionary,5 patents are awarded by STATE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF CHINA.  Let's focus on the mechanism: First, Core component built with copper, plus stainless steel cover, mostly guarantee quality and warranty. Second, the valve calculates and controls the inflow water for each flushing in best performance. Third, built-in pressurization and quieter, makes every flush faster and cleaner .
Get started here for more details and visual test video !

Partnership Concernment

ZOTRAN is committed to provide the perfectly tailored service to everyone who would like to cooperate with us as wholesaler/dealer or other available partnership. Let us reflect in another way, we do aim at benefit people as more as possible by our eixsting products, especially the ultimate water-saving HET. Our literature also outlines the positive effects ZOTRAN can have on GREEN lifestyles and on the environment as a whole.
Join us, for the same environmental mission.